Linda and Lisa Linda and Lisa View from the top of the hill In the street by Jean's house 181047358 Another Meeker view from Jean's 181137188 Lisa in Meeker View from the top of Jean's house 181137187 Sundown view from Jean's street 181138627 Afternoon into dusk 181138628 Relaxing on Jean's deck 181138621 Kalin, Kolin & Keegan Fri night 181138620 More pics from Jean's deck 181138622 Fri night in Jean's kitchen 181138618 Jean and Lisa Fri night 181047362 Lots of cameras! 181138623 Flowers and family 181138624 Carl is relaxed - or exhausted 181138626 Another pic on the deck 181138625 Enjoying the deck Fri night 181138619 Meeker Massacre site 181047359 Linda overlooking historical site 181047360 Meeker Massacre site on Hwy 8 A leisurely drive up to the ranch 181137190 Green fields along the White River Meeker Massacre historical site 181137191 Linda enjoynig the view 181137192 Meeting place Sat am 181140844 Getting the right ones 181140846 Flowers for farewell 181140845 Perfect bouquet 181140847 The "Seashell" Urn 181140848 Lisa at the White River on Welder Ranch 181137193 Bridge of goodbyes 181140850 4 Wheeler delivery 181142153 Here comes the urn 181140852 Willow by the bridge 181142146 Walking to the river 181140851 Waiting for urn arrival 181140849 Time to stop 181142147 Brian, Maureen, Lisa, Linda, Adrienne, Carl & Tim 181145715 Part of the Welder-Price clan 181145716 181145714 Chat before picnic lunch 181140842 Picnic time Sat 181047363 Loading up 181142155 Gathering round 181140843 Lunchtime! 181142154 Linda by the river 181142148 Kolin releases fish 181142150 Kolin's fish 181142152 Back it goes 181142151 Nap time 181142157 Horses love company 181142156 It's a dog's world up here! 181142158 Shawn saddling up 181142159 Making friends 181145707 Almost ready 181142176 Linda & Lisa ready to ride 181142177 Carl 181145706 First run with horses 181142179 Carl and new friend 181145705 Along the trail 181142175 High country meadow 181142174 On her way! 181142173 Lisa hoping for a group pic 181047367 Lisa in the lead 181047366 Lisa enjoying her ride 181047365 Lisa, Linda, Becky & Wendy 181047368 How do you turn this thing? 181142168 Fresh grass makes for happy horses 181142170 View from the saddle 181142162 Green snack 181142172 Taking a moment (or two) 181142171 181142163 181142164 181142165 End of a great ride 181145710 Irrigation ditch 181145708 Welder Ranch road 181145709 View on the Sat afternoon ride 181047364 Horses out to pasture 181145711 181145713 Bucolic scene 181145712 Campfire Sat night 181047369 Ribs ready in the cooler 181140841 Ribs & corn on the grill 181145717 Getting hungry? 181145718 Carl checking out the ribs 181145719 Grill master Brian 181145720 Campfire under the stars Sat night 181145721 On the way to Steamboat 181137194 Winding river going to Steamboat 181137195 Moose on the way to Steamboat Sun 181047370 He's a big one! 181145726 Little mule deer on the way to Steamboat 181047374 Rapids 181137196 Foxy ladies 181145724 View from the road 181138617 Valley view from passes This is the back way over Ripple Creek and Dunckley from the ranch to Steamboat 181145727 Another pass view 181145728 Clouds rolling in on the peaks 181145729 View from Adrienne's Deck view from Adrienne's Steamboat home 181047372 Snow in the Spring 181145731 Greening up 181145732 High country pond 181145734 Adrienne and Lisa 181145733 View from Adrie's Steamboat deck 181145935 Another of Adrie's views 181145936 Steamboat view 181145937 Hike to the falls 181145938 Another shot of the falls 181145939 Swift water 181145940 Bottom of the falls 181145941 181145942 Adrienne & Linda at the falls 181145943 181145944 181145945 181145947 Meanwhile, back at the ranch Lisa & Linda followed Adrienne Sun afternoon the back way over Ripple Creek and Dunkley passes from the ranch to Steamboat Springs, then returned to stay the night at the cabin at the ranch Tues. night. 181145948 Aspens lend some shade 181145722 Taking a moment 181145723 Colorado Columbines 181145951 181145950 That's a hummingbird feeder! 181145955 Finger perches 181145957 Lisa gets closer 181145956 Flighty diners 181145958 Not too concerned 181145953 Fox at Shawn's house If you continued on the pavement another half-mile or so, you'd come to Shawn's house on the river. This fox has also made its home there. 181145952 Close-up 181145954 Where's my treat? 181145959 There it is 181145960 Cautious trust 181145961 Time to settle in 181145962 Content 181145963 Dusk coming to Welder Ranch 181145949