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Build Your Own Backcountry Flattops Wilderness Adventure!
This camp is reserved for our Summer Drop Campers who want to spend more time enjoying their outdoors experience than dealing with fully provisioning their camp. Tents are already set up and wating for you, and cooking gear is provided.
$50 per night for your group. Click  at bottom and choose the quantity for the number of nights you and your group will be staying in camp.
Minimum 2 people
Riders: $125 per saddle horse one way
To use your debit/credit card for Riders, Click here.
Pack horses: Estimate your pack horse needs. One pack horse can carry up to 150 lbs of gear. Light packers (less than 75 lbs.each) can share one pack horse. $125 per pack horse one way.
To use your debit/credit card for Pack horses, Click here.
Guide: Your guide is responsible for packing and leading your pack horse and your party in and out of camp. The guide service is priced $225 each way because some people like to packtrip up and backpack themselves down with their lighter (sans groceries, etc.) load. If you intend to do a round trip with guide and pack horses, please allow at least one night between going in and coming out. Larger groups may need more than one guide.
To use your debit/credit card for Guide, Click here.
This is a by-the-day, by-the-horse service. We pack you and your gear through approximately 7 miles of beautiful wilderness to our Summer drop camp. Tents and cooking gear are provided, you bring everything else you need and you're on your own!  By pre-arrangement, we pack you in and out, or you can backpack/hike out.  
If you bring extra stuff that requires unplanned additional horses or quides, prices will be adjusted at departure. If you have one or more additional people, please call for reservations so we can meet your needs and adjust your billing.
All reservations must be confirmed by phone or email before using the secure shopping cart and we will be working with you to plan your trip!
If you prefer, checks, money orders, and cashier's checks for deposits can be sent by regular mail.
Have questions? Contact us!
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Summer Drop Camp Nightly Rental